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I believe in the nobility of entertaining people and I take great, great pride that people are willing to give me two or three hours of their busy lives. - John Lasseter

Last week, I was put to the test of answering a pretty interesting question. Here's what we got from one of our community members, Irene:

"One of the areas that I would like to do better to provide entertaining content to my audience... I would like to start loosening up a bit. I am just curious what have you done (or what do you do) to bring out that side of you?"

This came at a great time because I'd been pondering the idea of doing more Instagram Reels, and possibly even Tik Tok but the thought of dancing or singing made me go 'eeek' inside. But here's the thing, it can work for some.

My tips are intended to give you some ideas for how to think through what works for you. 👇

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